Design and construction of machines



    Over 10 years of TKM project experience in design, construction, service and modernization gives us a solid basis for implementing stable innovations. Always a fresh look at the issue, team creativity and observation of market trends causes that our motto has become INTEGRATING INNOVATIONS.


    Individually designed machines or production lines require an individual approach. Our experienced engineers support the client at every stage of the task implementation.

    We consider the Concept and Design to be one of the most important stages. This is where the idea for the solution comes in. The first sketches are made. In order to propose a reliable solution, we make preliminary calculations. Often there is initial documentation or even a visualization of the concept.

    Regardless of the industry, we always focus on making the proposed solutions optimal … and feasible. We conduct a feasibility study, supported by FEM calculations many times. Depending on the needs – the proposed structures are monolithic or – striving for flexibility and optimization – modular.


    The accepted concept and design constitute a solid base for a successful investment. Both designers who prepared the technical side and experienced technicians are involved in the production stage. Precision of workmanship, accuracy of assembly and quality control at each stage are very important aspects for us.

    Following the best practices, we test our machines and production lines to minimize the start-up time and the number of potential errors. We are based on the concept of SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) with the participation of the client.

    By focusing on the modularity of machines and performing tests – the start-up at the customer’s site is the shortest phase. Here we focus on the fastest possible start-up, while training operators and maintenance services.


    We are available to our clients both during and outside the warranty period. Long-term presence on the market has resulted in trust and many service agreements that provide our customers with professional manufacturer support and increase the reliability of the line. Our experience fits perfectly into the preventive maintenance concept, which significantly reduces the likelihood of unplanned downtime.

    In the case of inspections, service or the need for support, we offer our services in the field of mechanics, as well as electrics and automation. We provide our competences, technical facilities and spare parts.


    Flexibility is what counts today. Changes in many industries are happening very quickly. Modifications, improvements, new products.

    The modular concept, our openness and innovation perfectly match the market requirements. Wherever customers entrust us with the care of machines or production lines – we provide support and advice. We suggest what can be changed for the better. Whenever there is a need to change or adapt devices to new requirements – we work together.