Balance rings and small products



    A number of our customers have a need for producing Adjusting Rings – Curb Stones – Lids – Utility Boxes and similar products in a limited number.

    For this market segment we designed the PPS1000, a self-contained production station. When it leaves our factory the complete machine is mounted on a beam that will allow the customers to move the machine between different locations. Upon arrival at the customers location the concrete hopper is mounted, hydraulic oil filled, power connected, and the system is ready to start production.

    The PPS1000 systems have been in operation for more than 20 years and have proven to be one of our most popular machines. With a payback time of less than one year the PPS1000 machines have justified their existence over and over. On several occasions we have seen this machine traded second hand at a higher value than a new machine.

    Przykład pracującego stanowiska PPS1000


    The Teksam SPS1000 basically functions the same as the Teksam PPS1000, the difference is that the SPS1000 is a stationary production station. The SPS1000 is particularly ideel for the production of smaller products, such as Adjusting Rings – Lids – Covers etc. and will produce the same output as the PPS1000.

    Przykładowe produkty PPS1000 / SPS1000

    Teksam Manipulator

    To improve work conditions for the operators of Teksam Production Stations, we designed the Manipulator. The function of this is an automatic mold handling and demolding of dry-casted concrete products. Further, with the Teksam Manipulator, produt quality and output is increased as this is now automatic, whereas it previously depended greatly on operator skills.

    The Manipulator is hydraulically activated and includes PLC control. It can be integrated as a part of a complete production station e.g. as a Teksam SPS(M)1000, or as an addition to an excisting production station.

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