Pipe / chamber systems


    Teksam X1250 – X1500 – X2000 – X2500 – X3000

    For the production of round elements, e.g. pipes, rings, manholes, wells, septic tanks or similar, we offer various systems based on the X vibrating table.

    In the designation of the series of products, the number after the X indicates the maximum internal dimension that can be produced with the system.

    All systems have unidirectional (horizontal) vibrations with continuously adjustable frequency and amplitude, which makes them not only effective in concrete strengthening, but also versatile in terms of ensuring the optimal appearance of the concrete surface. The vibrating tables are of a solid and rigid structure and the connection of the form to the table ensures that the vibration energy is transferred to the concrete. Such structural elements minimize wear of mold equipment and ensure short mold replacement times.

    ... our goal is to provide high-quality production lines, built from standard modules, to meet the specific requirements of the client ...

    Single station
    Double station (two stations)

    Benefits and Features

    • Production of concrete pipes in all known shapes and types, with or without reinforcements, with or without plastic inserts
    • A wide range of diameters that can be easily expanded using a second vibrating core
    • Vibration frequency can be changed during the production cycle
    • Easy to use, clean and maintain
    • Different line settings possible (to suit existing infrastructure)
    • PLC based control system
    • Extended automation available
    • Lines prepared for double (two-station) installation