Generating “Vibration”

    Vibrations are necessary for the production of precast concrete elements in order to obtain the proper compaction of concrete. Traditionally, the required vibration is achieved by placing the mold on a vibrating table (many table sizes and types are available in the market). To enable precast concrete fabricators to fully control vibration, we have focused on developing an extended range of unidirectional (vertical) vibration tables where frequency and amplitude can be smoothly adjusted and molds are securely attached to the vibrating table using hydraulic clamps.

    Vibrating tables

    Teksam produces a wide range of vibrating tables based on 3 standard shapes:

    VUX system

    In the early 1980s, we were the first vibration technology supplier to introduce X-shape vibrating assemblies instead of traditional vibrating tables. The main advantage of the X-shaped type of vibrating units is the increase in the stiffness of the main structure achieved without adding weight. This ensures an optimal and balanced transmission of vibrations to the concrete.

    X-shape units were initially designed and constructed to produce round and rectangular shapes for which the X-shape was the perfect mold support. For the production of precast concrete elements such as manholes, rings, tanks and pipes, X-shaped vibratory units have proved to be very efficient. Today, X-shaped vibratory units are used to manufacture a wide range of precast concrete elements.

    We offer 5 sizes of X-shaped assemblies that enable the production of components up to 3 meters in diameter.

    VUB system

    After the successful introduction of X-shape vibrating units, our attention has turned towards the development of vibrating assemblies suitable for the production of concrete products that are long and narrow, such as U-channels, road barriers, retaining walls, panels, slats etc. For this type In our products, we introduced the B-shape vibrating units. Again, the focus was on designing low-weight, high-rigidity assemblies – to ensure that the molds are properly attached to the vibrating table and that vibrations are transmitted optimally.

    Today we offer 5 standard B shape vibration unit modules. We have also supplied many custom vibrating units for the production of concrete products weighing up to 35 tons.

    VUBX system

    By changing its requirements, the market made it necessary to increase the flexibility of production in such a way that it was possible to produce different shapes on one vibrating table. Therefore, the BX-shaped vibrating units have been developed, which combine the advantages of type B and X. Today the BX units are the most versatile on the market.

    The BX-shaped vibrating units are tailored to the specific requirements of customers in the production of concrete products weighing up to 15 tons.