Since the startup of Teksam more than 35 years ago, the idea of building machines based on standard modules has been a priority for us. The combinations made possible by this approach have led to a significant number of customized production plants utilized for the production of special concrete products.

    Among the products Teksam has supplied production stations for:

    • Median Barriers – Guard Rails – Retaining Walls – Barricade Blocks
    • Jacking Pipes – Pipes – Manhole Systems – Box Culverts – Cones – Elbows – Reducing Slabs – Grade Rings
    • Cable Conduits – Cable Channels – Inspection wells – Distributor Boxes
    • Septic tanks – Grease Separators – Gas Separators – Gas Bottle Bins
    • Hog and Cattle Slats – Burial Vaults – Street Gullies – Curb Stones
    • Panel for Safe deposits – Loudspeakers – Sunshade bases – Wave Breakers – Tunnel Sections -Benches
    MBM 2000

    The MBM 2000 System is a fully automated machine originally designed and built for the production of small products such as Meter and Utility Boxes. It is a self-contained and highly developed machine where all functions are hydraulically driven and controlled by one operator from the control console.

    Over the years the machine has evolved for the mass production of trenches and U-channels in lay lengths up to 500 mm (20 inches).

    Product Dimension:
    Maximum Dimensions: 1600 x 890 x 350 mm or 65 x 35 x 14 inches
    Production Rate: 20 – 30 cycles/hour

    Dual Station

    The Teksam Dual Station is an example of a Production Station which was developed in close cooperation with our customers. 

    Focus has been on customers who have a demand for a versatile systems that is capable of producing a variety of mid-size products, such as Adjusting Rings and Utility Boxes through several Manhole Components. 

    The Teksam Dual Station includes several upgrades, such as the ‘height adjustable’ Belt Feeder with a ‘quick change’ Concrete Distributor. This allows the customer to produce different types of products on 2 vibration tables, but with the use of only one common Belt Feeder. This optimizes the production greatly, which means that the Dual System has the capacity to produce up to 120 cycles per 8 hour shift!


    The GM 1250 System is engineered for high capacity production of manhole components, utility products, catch basins, and many other products made on steel pallets.

    The high capacity is obtained by leaving the moulds on the vibration unit during the complete cycle. The finished products are ejected from the mould and removed on steel pallets by an overhead manipulator while a new steel pallet is automatically placed in the machine.

    Product Dimension:
    Maximum Inside Diameter: 1250 mm or 4 feet
    Maximum Height: 500 mm or 20 inches
    Production Rate: 20 cycles per hour

    Normandy System

    The Normandy System is designed for automated production of manhole components. The system is capable of producing a complete manhole system, going from the base section through the riser sections, reducing slabs, concentric and eccentric cones, adjusting rings, and cover slabs. The system is highly automated and can produce products with or without reinforcement.

    Product Dimension:
    Maximum Inside Diameter: 1250 mm or 48 inches
    Maximum Height: 1250 mm or 48 inches
    Production Rate: 10 – 20 cycles per hour