Produkcja paneli i rusztów


    Teksam Pancast Machines are available in many variations, from manual single crane setups to automated machines using multiple cranes providing maximum production levels and efficiencies.

    Our machines offer a major advantage over other systems – you can directly stack the products on top of each other! Our superior vibration system produces a finished slat that is dense enough and strong enough to stack one on top of the other with only a wood pallet in between.

    This capability saves money in two ways: initial capital costs and daily operational costs. Other systems require expensive steel pallets to isolate each finished slat from any load until it is cured. Teksam slats are strong and dense and can be stacked directly… up to 10 high!

    Stacking saves the time required to handle large, heavy steel pallets and allow more products to be produced in a smaller space.

    System features & Benefits

    Teksam vibration technology with variable frequency and amplitude for each product.

    Our superior vibration system produces a denser, more uniformly consolidated product. This creates a tougher slat with lower absorption rates resulting in a more durable slat in the barn.

    PLC Control System programmable for up to 99 different products.

    Consistency in product quality and the flexibility to add different products.

    Only one operator required.

    Reduced man hours per piece means cost savings every day.

    Utilizes wood pallets.

    Reduced weight requirements for handling equipment saves on initial capital cost.

    Pallets with product can be stacked directly on top of each other – Up to 10 high!

    Stacking directly after production reduces cycle time.

    System Flexibility – production stations can be laid out in a carousel arrangement or straight line.

    Designed top fit your plant.

    System Productivity – can be sized for a wide variety of production goals and automation packages.

    Design to meet your daily production needs. Stations are available for slat production – up to 1,25 m wide and 5 meter long.