Systemy Transportu


    We have developed a number of proven handling systems for the concrete products industry. These systems are designed to:

    • Improve productivity
    • Reduce the damage and waste factor
    • Provide a better level of safety
    • Make it easier for workers to handle heavy awkward concrete products
    Pipe & Box Culvert Lifters

    The Teksam series of adjustable crane operated pipe lifters are designed to fulfill the demands of every pipe producer. Because of their unique design and rugged construction, they will handle products weighing up to 10 metric tons.

    Since all of our pipe lifters are equipped with an automatic lock/release system, the operation of the pipe lifters becomes very simple; all functions can be accomplished from the control station of the crane.

    Changing the product size of the pipe lifters is done quickly by moving a lock pin from one position to another.

    Teksam Manhole Handlers

    We have developed a program in manhole handlers to be mounted on fork trucks. The manhole handlers are intended for the in-plant handling of manhole risers and bases, especially for the transport of products from the curing area to the storage area and for the loading of the trucks.
    By utilizing a Teksam manhole handler the fork truck driver can accomplish all handling operations without leaving the truck. Each manhole handler is adjustable for a range of diameters. The clamping force is adjustable and distributed on three clamping points. To avoid damage on the product the clamps are equipped with large size rubber pads.
    T-models have a hydraulic activated clamping system. TT-models also have a tilting function.

    Teksam Pipe & Box Culvert Tilters

    All tilters are designed to provide a controlled turning of the product with special consideration taken towards personal and product safety.