Systemy załadunku bezpyłowego


    Dust-free loading of all types of bulk goods

    Particularly efficient with exclusive Muhr equipment modules.

    Bulk goods, loading system, loading conditions, regulations, etc. – every loading situation is different. Accordingly the loading system must be adapted to your individual requirements. With our modular concept we offer you a tailor-made loading system in serial quality.

    For each loading facility – for all types of bulk goods!

    Closed loading with MVS and MBG

    Closed loading should be first and foremost: Closed! And a closed system is dust-free…

    Muhr bulk loading systems MVS and MBG for dust-free loading of bulk goods into silo vehicles, tankers, closed containers and silo ships. Economical and environmentally friendly.

    Level indicators

    Muhr loading systems can be equipped with a variety of different level indicators:

    Rotary blade indicators, vibration probes, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, pneumatic sensors and bulk material motion detectors…

    Muhr loading systems can be equipped with a level indicator through a specially developed system, whose measurement sensors can be arranged above the sealing cone rather than below as would be the case with conventional systems.

    This enables the trigger point for the max. fill level to be set significantly higher, thus significantly increasing the fill height in the tank and also the usable volume. Secure and efficient.

    Open loading with MBO and MBO-T

    For the opening loading of bulk goods into trucks, containers, railcars, ships, hoppers or stockpiles.

    With open loading in particular, considerable experience is necessary for the conceptualization of the loading system. For the reliable and dust-free loading of coarse-bulk materials such as gravel and clinker, as well as for powdery products.

    With loading capacities of more than 1,000 m³/h and loading heights of up to 30 m and more.

    Sealing Cone

    The sealing cone seals the outlet of the loading nozzle after the end of the loading process. This prevents any product that may have adhered to the bellows falling out when the loading nozzle is lifted.

    Residue-free Loading

    Perfect, residue-free loading with the Muhr MVS-TD bulk loading system with sealable telescopic tubes or the Muhr BSS Bellows-Stretch-System.

    In certain cases, bulk material residues in loading devices are not wanted, e.g. for hygiene reasons, due to the risk of fire or explosion, or in the case of a product change. Vibrating units on the nozzle head for the cleaning of the loading bellows are frequently insufficient for this purpose, as product residues remain in the folds of the loading bellows. With the Muhr BSS bellows stretch system or the Muhr MVS-TD telescopic pipe system, residue-free loading is guaranteed. Reliable and safe.

    Patented quality

    In comparison with loading bellows, hardly any product residues are able to deposit on the smooth inner walls of telescopic pipes. The disadvantage of conventional telescopic pipes, however, is that dust is able to escape from between the individual pipes. Not with the Muhr MVS-TD. The ultimate loading telescope. Highly flexible. Absolutely dust-free.


    With the use of the Muhr BSS Bellows-Stretch-System, the walls of the top and bottom bellows are alternatively stretched or folded. This ensures that bulk goods residue is reliably cleared out of the folds of the loading bellows. During the stretching and folding, the loading nozzle is held tightly in place in the tank opening by the pneumatic MVS sealing collar so that it cannot be lifted by the stretching device.

    EP & EPV Product Spreader

    With spreading wings and optionally with patented closure system (=EPV)

    The product is spread outwards in a radial direction to the flow of the bulk material with a spreading wing which is positioned just under the outlet of the loading nozzle during the loading.

    With system EPV, a special sealing cone closes the loading nozzle at the end of the loading process. This ensures that no product falls from the loading system whilst it is being lifted.

    The product spreader can also be used as a level indicator at the same time thanks to an optional control system.

    Many advantages – one system!

    Patented quality

    In comparison with loading bellows, hardly any product residues are able to deposit on the smooth inner walls of telescopic pipes. The disadvantage of conventional telescopic pipes, however, is that dust is able to escape from between the individual pipes. Not with the Muhr MVS-TD. The ultimate loading telescope. Highly flexible. Absolutely dust-free.


    Maximum Flexibility –  in X, Y, and Z direction.
    For flexible positioning of loading systems above tank openings or underneath silo outlets.

    Depending on the task at hand, three different systems are used: The Muhr filling-, positioning- or discharging loading vehicles.
    The right solution for every situation!

    Filling Loading Vehicles

    For filling silo trucks, tankers and containers with several apertures or open vehicles, when the transport vehicle is not to be moved during loading.

    Ideal if the vehicle is positioned on a weigh-bridge, or when long trains are being filled: In these cases, no displacement from one aperture to the next is required, but only from railcar to railcar.

    Travel paths of up to 10 m and over are possible. If required, the system can also be designed to move in a lateral direction.

    Positioning Loading Vehicles

    For precision positioning of loading systems above a tank opening. Depending on the design, the loading system can be positioned either in a longitudinal or a longitudinal and lateral position relative to the container axis.

    The travel paths generally total up to 1,000 mm in the longitudinal axis and up to 200 mm in the lateral axis.

    Discharging Loading Vehicles

    With an integrated docking device for discharging several silos with one loading system.

    To do so, the loading vehicle initially approaches one of the silo apertures. After the dust-proof docking on the silo aperture by means of the integrated docking device and the docking of the loading system on the tank of the transport vehicle, the loading procedure can be started.

    The travel path and number of silos to be emptied can be freely selected.


    PAV pneumatic docking device for dust-free filling, discharging and transshipment of bulk materials.

    PAV Pneumatic Docking Device

    Pneumatic docking devices are employed for dust-free filling of containers, barrels, mixing and weighing containers.

    This also ensures a dust-free connection of moving units with stationary units, such as mobile discharge or conveyor systems with silo outlets, silo vehicle outlets with stationary extraction systems, mixer outlets with stationary extraction systems or transportation containers and much more.

    PAV docking devices are available in all shapes and sizes and are individually manufactured in accordance with customer requirements. They can also be expanded with numerous equipment modules.


    Docking – weighing – metering – loading in one system. Mobile from outlet to outlet. For gravimetric metering of bulk goods in transport vehicles and containers from multiple silo cells or product feeds.

    MWV Mobile Weighing/Loading System

    The mobile Muhr MWV weighing/loading system comprises a pneumatic docking device, a weighing and metering system, a loading system and a mobile chassis.

    The MWV mobile weighing/loading system is positioned underneath an outlet opening. Then a dust-free connection is established both via the docking unit to the outlet opening and also via the loading system to the transportation vehicle. Now the desired weight can be metered, dust-free into the transport vehicle.


    Flexible part in flexible designs for efficient solutions: Muhr single loading bellows or double bellows version.

    With wear protection cones or internal telescopic tube.

    Or as telescopic tube with or without pneumatic intermediate sealing Innovative Muhr solutions for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

    With Muhr you receive the ideal bellows for your area of application and your requirements.

    Adapted to suit in shape, size and quality

    Your perfect solution.